Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Underneath the infinite sky, ,
above the o
void earth,
he began his journ
the journey to find answers
to questions brimmed,
perpetually in his

With each mile he crossed,
the more he explored,
answers started to pour,
but with each a
a new set of questions
knocked at the door,
the door of his insatiable mind.
then he realized,
neither the flow of qu
estions stop
nor stops the JOURNEY.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I am here...

Deep within your heart
that yearns,

I am here...

I'm the flame that softly burns

And lights your way;

In the darkness of the night

I will be your sh
ining light ...

I am here...

I am here...

In the misty mornin
g dew,

I am here...

Standing closely beside you

I'll hold your hand ...
Let you feel a quiet

I will be your sweet release.

I am here...
I am here...

In a haunting melody ...

I am here...

I will be that memory

That gives you strength.

When days are long

We'll carry on...

I am here...

I am here..

As long as you do not forget,

I am here...

In your heart, I know, and yet...

It's here I'll stay,

I'll never go,

We both will know...

That I am here.