Sunday, June 28, 2009

In the way I believe in you
in the way you believe in me
in our love as it is now
in our love as it will be

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The sea so deep and blind
The sun, the wild regret
The club, the wheel, the mind,
O love, aren't you tired yet?

The blood, the soil, the faith
These words you can't forget
Your vow, your holy place
O love, aren't you tired yet?

A cross on every hill
A star, a minaret
So many graves to fill
O love, aren't you tired yet?

The sea so deep and blind
Where still the sun must set
And time itself unwind
O love, aren't you tired yet?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I had you once for a very short time,
and the memories we shared I stored in my mind.
I relish the memories that we once knew,
I only hope you remembered them too.

You gave me my wings and taught me to fly,
You didn't hold me back you showed me the sky.
You gave me the world on a silver tray,
And taught me how to love and the games that people play.

You gave it all but you'll never know,
Just how much you helped me grow

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Silence…..force that drives the world;
Silence….love that goes untold;
Silence…child left to cry;
Silence….infant without life;
Silence…..lover left alone;
Silence…writer without a poem;
Silence……judge who decides our fate;
Silence….angel filled with hate;
Silence…warrior who will not fight;
Silence…heaven without light;
Silence… without a mate;
Silence....withdrawal without debate;
Silence….mercy buried deep;
Silence……hopeful thoughts we keep;
Silence…world without a choice;
Silence….people without voice;
Silence.....sleeper, dreamer, hoax;
Silence.....keeper of destiny's fear; we will never hear;
Silence...human race abhorred;
Silence....our eternal reward.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Maybe you're gone
To sleep
Maybe you're gone
For keeps

Thought you were an angel
Shining in the clouds
Thought you were my best friend
At least I tried to make it true

Maybe you're love
Is gone
To sleep
Maybe my love
Is gone
To deep

I'll never know
So never mind
You're out of sight
and am left with only my shadow

Maybe our love
Is gone
To sleep
Maybe our love
Is gone
For keeps

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dare to dream of far off lands,
Dream of deserts, covered in sand.
Dream of rain forests, trees high above
Dream of finding your one true love.

Dare to dream of lies or the truth,
Dream of never losing your youth.
Dream of battles, dream of a spark.
Dream of light, a light in the dark.

Dare to dream of fighting and sadness,
Dream of men, succumbed to madness.
Dream of warmth and heat and flame,
Dream that your life is just a game.

Dare to dream of hate and mistrust,
Dream of all that's true and just.
Dream of drowning, drowning in the sea,
Dare to dream of dreaming, yes dare to dream with me.