Sunday, April 5, 2009

A feeling like this,
words can not explain.
To love someone so much,
that it drives me insane.

With you in my life
my heart feels so complete.
I've never been so in love.
You sweep me off my feet.

The way you kiss my fore head,
so sweetly in the night.
The way look into my eyes,
it's never felt so right.

I love the way you hold me,
like you'll never let me go.
I love to feel your lips,
as you kiss me soft and slow.

I've never felt this way.
The way I do with you.
To love some one so much,
that no one else will do.

You feel me with such happiness,
I can not help
but smile.
Just to wake up next to you,
it makes my day worth while.

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