Thursday, April 30, 2009

Deep in the darkest part of my head,
there is a memory of what you once said,
it sits there alone in the shadows of depth,
a memory of you that I have kept,
it wants to come out of this dark scary place,
but it is a memory I could never erase,
it sits there alone through night and day,
listening to everything I hear and say,
I want it to leave and never come back,
to leave me alone, the feeling of sadness to go away,
so that I can once again see the light of day.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fill my cup with kindness,
The strongest brew will do.
Please don't find me mindless
I never would approve of you.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I came into this world NAKED doesn’t ensure every Thing Is Alright.......Im so ugly that when i walk into a bank they turn off the cameras...I tried sniffing Coke once, but the ice cubes got stuck in my nose....I like Kids, But I seriously don't think I could eat a whole one....i stop at the green lights and go on red......I have no grasp of reality and live in a dream world......I'm not totally useless! I can be used as a bad example..... I'm the romantic mushy type, soft-hearted and a lover of the arts, short I'm likely to live & die ALONE.I love animals...They're delicious yummm..... I tend 2 b headstrong and deliberate in my actions....Everybody needs something to believe, I believe I can have some more coffee.....

Basically i don't give a DAMN about anyone. if someone out there hates me i could not care less. I'm the type of person who would throw punches at a friendly Get-Together.....Warm and caring are my most endearing characteristics.....every time i go out i get chased by the dog catcher..... I stopped drinking Coca Cola after I found out that it's good for removing toilet stains.....For me, money is not everything.There's Mastercard & Visa...
I think i am wise but people think otherwise.....I don’t discriminate. . . .Therefore I hate Everyone
I am grateful that I am not as judgmental as all those censorious, self-righteous people around me.......But I guess they r just jealous because the voices are talking to me and not Them !!!!
I intend 2 live forever - so far, so good.....I like noise. I need noise. When it's too quiet, I can hear my brain cells dying......
Sometimes i speak only in a "robot" voice 2 annoy p'ple....I declare mah ROOM an independent nation, and sue mah neighbors upstairs for "violating my airspace" . Now I'm not sure.....i make beeping noises when a large person backs up.....sometime i have meaningful conversations with my toaster. Everyday I beat my own previous record for number of consecutive days I have stayed alive.... I hate people who point at their wrist while asking for the time. I know where my watch is buddy, where the fuck is yours? Do I point at SOMETHING when I ask where the bathroom is :| ????.
A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing...Sometimes I feel like smashing things....I get excited very easily..One night In awe I watched the waxing moon ride across the zenith of the heavens like an ambered chariot towards the ebon void of infinite space wherein the tethered belts of Jupiter and Mars hang forever festooned in their orbital majesty. And as I looked at all this I thought - I must put a roof on My BlOoDy RoOm.
I feel uneasy indoors.....All in All, I aint a complete idiot, Some parts are Missing!..When I was born they fired a 21-gun salute. Too bad they missed...

I'm Not Suffering From Insanity I enjoy Every Minute of it.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nothing can describe, the way I feel for you
Your love is warm and
Your heart so pure and true
Heavens angels brought me
To knock upon your door
To give you all my love
To keep you
wanting more
The special bond we share, will guide us on our way
To a perfect life were dreams come true
What more can I really say
We were brought together, never will we part
Your my s
pecial gift
Your my shining star
I'll love you unconditionally
With all my heart and soul
I'll never break your spirit
I'll always keep you whole

Friday, April 17, 2009

An Angel is what she is to me
That's what she was truly meant to be
As her time on earth has past
Her memory will always last

She was put to the ultimate test
Now it's time for her to rest
So as she goes
Heaven only knows

That she was more
Than you or me
Because an Angel is what
She was truly meant to be

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A feeling like this,
words can not explain.
To love someone so much,
that it drives me insane.

With you in my life
my heart feels so complete.
I've never been so in love.
You sweep me off my feet.

The way you kiss my fore head,
so sweetly in the night.
The way look into my eyes,
it's never felt so right.

I love the way you hold me,
like you'll never let me go.
I love to feel your lips,
as you kiss me soft and slow.

I've never felt this way.
The way I do with you.
To love some one so much,
that no one else will do.

You feel me with such happiness,
I can not help
but smile.
Just to wake up next to you,
it makes my day worth while.