Saturday, February 7, 2009

I wish I were not dreaming I hope it is for real,
The love you promised forever,
I hope it would never end.
Please love me more each day,
and tell me day by day A word that will secure me,
that will bind us together.

Please don't ever hurt me,
I had enough of sorrows and pain.
May this love you are offering,
will last till we're golden.
Tell me you will always love me,
and will never let me go,
Say you will always stand by me,
whatever path we will go.

Let's move on together,
for better or for worst.
Just you and me my love,
I know it will work.
Don't loose your faith in me,
don't you ever turn around.
The kissed I have given you,
has sealed us for a long time.

Let me be strong, with the
strength of your love.
hat will make me brave
enough to face a new life.
A life full of happines
, faith, and lot's of love.
That only you would bring
with the power of your love.

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