Tuesday, November 20, 2007

:::...Waiting For Life...:::

And we wait for such things that are already in our hands. Blinded by the ignorance we grace. Longing for something more, yet there is nothing better out there. We make remarks that burn into peoples minds. Things so painful that you see them looking down from amazing heights. And love such a strong word for how often it is used. The line of deceit. A single breath on his/her neck sends messages up and down their spine. that maybe what they say is true, yet a kiss of lust is more misleading than a kiss of care. A tree swaying back in forth, flaunting the leaves that shine with life can be so comforting though to much force and the beauty can become to much. Like the ocean gathering at the rocks, so gentle though no one sees the power beneath her waves. Just one look in the mirror can seem like forever, but really it is just a glance. A glance where so much can be seen by the naked eye. Than a long observance against a reflection. The smallest imperfection lingering in the bluest of eyes, And a touch of crimson on the wrist. The candles flickering grows upon darkness creating a shadow followed by a hint of light. Revealing that sadness can be veiled by a smile. Time is only a word when you rush, though it seems it will never end when you are patiently waiting. Warm tears can fall down ones features but never be known by even the truest of friends. Cold hands, warm hearts, it plays a role in the auditions for whom will fake their happiness the best. His love, her love can fall into endless depths if it isn’t given the chance to soar. Spreading its wings so far that not even the heaven can stop it now. The stars twinkling so bright. But meaning so much more than just a pretty piece of the sky. Filled with wishes and prayers that may never be heard. He longs to be brought to life, she begs for an end. With a new meaning he walks the line, with a misunderstood heart she struggles to the ledge. A dagger and a sword compared to one another, one may be smaller but nothing says it holds a greater power. They each have a blade that can cut through, they both have a grip in which a man or woman can handle with evil or good. Either can kill a man or leave them wounded. Such as a heart no matter whom it belongs to it can be broken, it can be bled dry, but most of all it can be fixed. Fixed by a happiness that is unexpected or a new love that is willing to give their all to reveal your dreams.......

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