Tuesday, November 20, 2007

:::...I Love You...:::

I love you
Since I have not learnt anything other than loving you...
Since the sky is blue and the sun rises in the east...
Since it rains in monsoon and summers are always hot,
Since the earth revolves around the sun...

I love you
Because I usually sleep late at night but never fail to wake up early,
And saying my morning prayers is a routine for me,
Because I need my morning tea with milk,and I add extra sugar,
And I always forget to have my breakfast!

I love you
like I have a habit of reading a book on subways,
like I often get a speed ticket while driving,
like I drink water before I go to bed every night,
Like I pen down my thoughts which otherwise I fail to express...

I love you
Since I don't want anyone else to love you.....

I love you
Because of the way you call out my name"Farhan"!!
Because of the way you say nothing at all when much should be said!!
Because of the way you forget to have your meals!!
Because your timing sense wrecks my nerves always!!!

I love you
Since when I wake up in the morning you are the one who flashes on my mind first,
Since when I go to bed I fall asleep while dreaming about you,
Since I am afraid of the darkness and I can't sleep in the light,
Since this is the simplest thing I have ever learnt in life....

I love you
Because you have made me fall in love with myself,
you have made me feel so special always,
you don't let others exist in my life,
you surround me like a breeze even when you are not around....

I love you
As you keep me occupied each minute of the day,
As you make me dream even though my life is a mess,
As you add music in my life even when you are not playing,
As you say "good night" to me at 4 a.m early morning!!!!!!!

I love you
As this story was meant to start like a fairy tale,
As we met suddenly one September night,
As I snatched the moments out of the crowd!
As I was destined to love you....

I love you,
As I had to bring that man out of his shell,
As I had to show the man this world is beautiful,
As I had to tell the man this is what love is,
As I had to offer the man 'myself'....

I love you since
I am helpless in my love for you.
I am hopelessly devoted to you.
I have not learnt anything but to love you............

I love you
Since if I do not, I have to be born again ..........

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