Sunday, October 21, 2007

:::... Missing Dreamz...::::

While musing over my dreams, I suddenly realized they are not even my dreams anymore!!!! The pain that’s slowly killing me but still am living with it, this heart still beating shamelessly… I not surprised that am still breathing!! I have fallen into this vicious circle of living and life just goes on…on and on….meaningless…direction less.

But what wouldn’t I give for just another perfect day with you? A carefree day when you used to be you and I used to be me…..till we b
oth lost ourselves………oh who knew love hurts this way!!!! Your never ending attempts of keeping me happy and my never ending attempts of seeing a smile on your face…….how desperate we are to sprinkle some happiness in each other’s life…

Have you ever felt you are a princess and your wishes are granted even before they are uttered? Has someone ever cried just because you are crying? Has someone ever cared so much for you that he has stood against all the odds? Did you ever feel someone is reading your silence? Has anyone ever uttered “I love you” to you through his eyes? I AM BLESSED!!!! Yes I am….I know that….

No regrets…no remorse…..I don’t care what is right and what is wrong….if love is a war let it begin!!! Only time will tell if we are meant for each other….my tears and my joys are my own…my very own…


Life became you and you have turned into a broken glass. The more I try to gather you, the more I cut myself, I bleed and you are unaware…..the blue poison tickles the red shiny drops….under my white skin….my gaze stands broken…..everything is broken, the lies, the truths, the faiths, the peace, the noise, the silence and the heart….and I look at the ruins that remains now…broken…

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