Monday, September 3, 2007

:::..My Naked Life Is Not Shit...:::

.......~~And soft voices lie, innocence dies, now ain't that a shame~~......

Why do u wana waste time brooding over a complicated soul(mistaken by many ppl as dumb...but as if i care!!) who doesn't give a shit about your vain curiosity to learn WHO he really "iS" or "wAs"..or "wiLL Be"..??


...some things abt me:
- I would kill 4 peace.. dats Y
- Im never gonna get a nobel prize
- I stoped telling lies... worst 20 mins of my life
- Im not dumb....i sold my brains
- "RESPONSIBLE ADULT"- ha! ..its an overhyped concept
- Im a Devil...ppl havin issues....FucK oFF !@!
- I dnt give a shit abt sexual orientations
- I dnt hav a religion...HUMANITY is wht i practice n peace
- I hear voices...(im da voice)
- I'll never committ suicide.
- Im not talentless..just dnt believe in show off....
- I try evrythin...coz i alwys wna say- "been THR..done THT!"
- I m planning to open a shop to sell LIFE...
- I dnt believe ur still readin!
......... if u r really...then plz
now go n get a life ....
` evryone has a right of SPEECH & XPRESSION~~~...i respect that...
and dare u mess up wid myn


  1. shit!! what naked life is!.yeah sound blatant but its a fact of life.still if u say then i believe to an extent of your written statement.Ok however well articulated!! bravo...........Hmmmmmmm u know who am i nahi pehchana

  2. Thx a Lot BHai Yuo I RecoGNISed You