Friday, September 14, 2007

:::...Achievement Of My Life...:::

Lets Talk About It From The Buttom

Junior KG- was an engineer in a function, had my pic taken wid my camera phone:P


Class II:
torn do
wn a skirt of class V girl, who was Teasing me.


Class v:
Had my frst crush on class IV girl, and we did kissed each bathroom during end of my class I..only thing was dat i was not knowing dat i had to kiss on da lips to have a score in i kissed her cheeks and ran away..and attended the next whole week of classes, standing on a bench...hahaha


Class VI:
Was the best flying kicker of the class, and kicked a students stomach out during a demo session...and was suspended for 2 weeks, which I told my parents dat class is going out and m not interested in going wid them..but never lie wen u hav a sister in dat got caught was grounded...for 2months widout pocket money, but i love my sis, who used to give her icecream money to me..muaaaah Honey:p

Class VIII
Was organiser of men and women combine kabaddi matches of the class during tiffin...and wat used to happen in dat....??? hahaha..leaving it for ur imagination


Class IX
Tstd MAH 1st Smole hehehe
Mom Plz dont Read This

Class XI
One of
My Bst Frnd Slapd me in fnrt of whle classroom

Class XII
after that slap i came to know dat that sh was in love wid me, she cried a lot, and we had a kiss too..after she said I love u to me.

Class XII: Academically excelled my selected in Delhi parted away from my love,
was highlighted as local gunda of the college


joined da part time job..and had a smoothened out life

Software Engg,
started my virtual life and da start of all the virtual yet more than real troubles of my life..and still facing dem....



  1. Gr8 exprnces farhan

  2. i wanted you to write some thing funny and i still have'nt got tht one....but this time u did a great job....but yeah...u have'nt told me bout tht gal you kissed....????
    neways u had a great now i wish nd pray tht u have a wonderful life ahead....
    and dont forgot the promise u made last are special for me...and always will be...just take care of ur self...and keep writeing good goood stufff....but no more sad stuff from u...ok??

    just happy happy stuff and a very happy life...god bless you...cya...

    loads and loads of love and good wishes.....ndhi

  3. Hey Farhan...
    Gud to know abt You.
    Life is all about learnings.. and experiences...
    It's vry gud, if you learn frm ur Life itself.
    ~God BLess You~

  4. hey farhan,

    wow yaar u ki life inni mast hai re..

    tu batchpan se hi nalayak tha mujhe pata nahi tha be...

    maine sotcha yeh batcha bahut shareef hai par ab pata chala..:P

    waise your life is awesome

    i pray to allah ki aapko apni saari khusiya mile..

    love u jiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


    keep smiling always batcha